Guest Roaster: 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

We always serve Counter Culture Coffee, but every few months you'll see a new face on our pourover bar. Currently we are serving beans from 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters. 49th Parallel started roasting in 2004, in Burnaby, Canada (just outside Vancouver). 49th Parallel strives to offer only the best in quality and consistency of coffees. With quality-driven focus, they work on developing and nurturing relationships with not only the coffee farmers, but each hand involved along the supply chain. They stand by that mission by offering an in-depth Transparency Report to their coffee drinkers that helps educate and involve everyone in the conversation of coffee roasting.

At the moment, we are loving the small lot from Carlos Guamanga in Colombia, called El Recuerdo. In a country where the most significant coffee variety is Castillo, Carlos and his wife Patricia are planting Caturra. In addition, El Recuerdo is following specialty coffee fermentation and drying practices from the 1930s, before the Coffee Federation put their efforts behind high-yielding varieties. Instead of high yields, Carlos emphasizes quality and shelf life of the green coffee. The results of these practices has been extremely consistent, clean, sweet and juicy coffee every time.

Also available for tasting is Biftu Gudina from Ethiopia, one of the few remaining Ethiopians we can get our hands on as roasters await coffee to arrive in the summer. Although it's one of the few, Biftu Gudina has maintained such sweetness and flavor from when it was harvested that it showcases all the delicious notes we have come to expect from Ethiopian coffees, a true testament to the farmers! We taste clean, sweet wildflower honey and juicy nectarine.

Coffees from 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters are available on our pourover bar, as iced coffee, and in whole bean.





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