today james and i took this beautiful Fall day to do a coffee tour of manhattan. 

i wrote down all the suggestions from MANE coffee conference, all of the cafes that the panel discussed as having the best layout, flow, ease of customer use, variety of seating, and decided to check them out. 

i had been to most of these places before, and even though a few of them are definitely not my first choice (coffee-wise) to go to, i thought i’d check them out to see what the panel was addressing. 

irving farm, UES for the variety of seating. incredible space, but slightly awkward customer flow. a communal table, a cozy cushioned corner that’s private, a bunch of two-tops, a communal bench with two-tops that can be pushed together to allow multiple seats. perfect example of seating variety

saturdays surf for interesting retail concepts. didn’t try the coffee, but great outdoor seating, set in a surf shop with clothing and surf retail. very interesting concept. completely packed

new everyman espresso by far our favorite. great use of a small space, fantastic built-in bench, cool design, communal seating, variety of seating, good customer flow, and most of all, great coffee

la colombe went in to see the “expediter” service that the panel at MANE discussed. interesting how they give you a stirrer and a napkin so that you know where your “landing” space is as a customer. interestingly designed space, didn’t try the coffee. 

third rail one of my favorite places in the city…great coffee, good use of small space

Authorleyla dam