terrain opened today in westport. when i first heard about it, i thought it sounded disjointed. a coffee/brunch/garden shop? i mean. that sounded like a bit too much to carry out well. well, they did it. i visited today to try their food (i didn’t get to try the coffee because i just got off a shift at Neat and any more caffeine and my heart will explode)

kyle, the manager, is a close friend of my co-worker and friend from Neat, so I got the entire explanation of the place. they are serving counter culture and doing it well. they’re also serving up these delicious kale grilled cheese paninis that i loved. 

overall, great space, good service, delicious food. 

also, i bought all the fixings to make a terrarium. i’m so hip about 4 years too late that it hurts. 

Authorleyla dam