so although my lease fell through in fairfield, another one since has fallen through in stamford, i’m still in high spirits. it’ll all work out. so i’ve decided to pass the time and stay happy by doing my favorite thing…rummaging through scrap yards to get inspiration for design.

i chose it as a profession for a brief moment for a reason. i think pieces could really inform a design for my shop when i EVENTUALLY find a space. 

also, i swear to god i’m going to flip out next time anyone asks about progress. maybe i’m a bit picky, but maybe that’s a good thing? i haven’t found the perfect space. and the few times that i think i have, there was a non-competing clause in another tenant’s lease or someone else out-bid me. so…patience, my dear caterpillars out there. i’ll get it eventually. believe me, no one is more frustrated than i am. 

Authorleyla dam