ok, let me go ahead and rant. 

there’s something to be said about customer service. ok, granted…this morning i may have had the best espresso i’ve ever been served by anyone (sorry, Neat crew) and i had an incredibly remarkable breakfast from eggslut (a truck parked outside of Handsome Roasters on weekend mornings) so maybe i’m just in a fantastic mood. 

but i think there’s more to that. this morning, we went to handsome as customers after last night’s cupping event. the baristas on shift weren’t there the evening before, so they had no idea that we were already coffee nerds. we just went in with an appetite and the beginnings of a caffeine headache. and they were so. fucking. nice. so nice. 

we chatted about the coffees, the guys gave us an espresso on the house, they told us where to go in LA. i could definitely learn a thing or 10 from these guys when it comes to customer service. amazing. i mentioned late in the conversation (after they were so amazing to us) that i worked at Neat and that we used their coffees, and we chatted even further about my boss’s recent visit. 

seriously…perfection. this is the type of experience that i’ll strive for at my shop. amazing coffee, great food, and the best baristas around. 

Authorleyla dam