so. i’ve always been a pretty good cook. i’ve been cooking for my family since i was 11. not because my mom isn’t an incredible cook, but because it’s something i’ve always loved doing. 

the one thing that i tried to cook that (literally) blew up in my face was churros. my brilliant idea? start a business centered around the one thing that i suck at making. 

let me paint a picture. it was christmas morning and all through the house not a creature was stirr…

all through the house there were hungry people. and since it was family tradition to spend christmas in spain and the first person to wake up went to the local stand to get a couple dozen butcher paper wrapped churros, i thought i’d be that person (figuratively) that spain-less christmas. 

i woke up extra early, printed some crappy recipe off the internet, and got down to bleary-eyed business. i’d thought i’d surprise everyone with a warm family moment as they woke from their slumber. and i did….surprise everyone.

as the entire family…brothers, sisters-in-law, parents, nieces, nephew, filed into our kitchen to smell the churros and coffee, the first one exploded violently. then the second, third, and suddenly the entire family was screaming and hitting the deck. we all crawled out of the kitchen as if we were under fire in vietnam. kids were crying…women and children were saved first. i luckily had the wherewithal to take the pan off of the burner before making my graceful exit. 

we returned to the kitchen to find oil, batter, and grease splattered all over every surface of the kitchen…even the ceiling. to this day, unrelenting bits of churros remain on my parents’ ceiling as a gentle reminder that i’ll never make it in this business. 

long story short, don’t try this at home. OR if you do, don’t be like me.

the trouble with making churros is that in essence, you’re mixing extremely hot oil with water. (remember, churros are made of water and flour). the way you prevent third degree burns is by warming the water to the right temperature before mixing your batter, and extruding them through something other than a cheap pastry bag. they need pressure, and lots of it, to prevent air bubbles from forming. 

that’s why if you’re hell-bent on trying it at home (which of course i am now that i’m going to be testing out recipes with my new found skills and chocolates) i’d recommend that you buy one of these: a churro extruder. i did!

Authorleyla dam