by far the most colorful and wonderful character i’ve met so far on my journey through the world of churros is charo. 

she speaks in third person. she wears cleopatra makeup. she has a boisterous laugh. she’s been at the churro business for 50 years. she’s got the best sense of humor ever. 

in other words, she’s amazing. 

i met her in el puerto de santa maria in the south of spain. she showed me her craft for a while and then sent me along to meet my family with an arm full of churros that made them happy (see below)

she told me to bring her back to NY with me to show me how it’s done. people line up outside of her stand daily. they fight over who’s first in line, and she’s always there and always busy. she told me if i took her back to NY with me, she’d make me a millionaire. and i don’t doubt her for a second. she’s great at what she does.

the best. 

Authorleyla dam