ok, i’ll admit i’m not 100% clear on this. at neat, we use a bunch of different roasters. right now, we’re hooked on coava from portland especially. 

i’ve had a lot of customers come in and ask if we have fair trade coffee. as far as i know, fair trade is just a stamp of certification, similar to “organic” that a company has to pay for in order to become part of the fair trade label. 

direct trade is what most coffee roasters that we use such as coava, intelligentsia, and madcap deal in. they deal directly with the farmers at origin and give them fair pricing and sometimes re-educate them on sustainable farming practices. 

the coffees are single-origin, which essentially means that they’re sourced from one micro-lot farm in one country, brought to the roaster, and then delivered to us to make pour overs for our customers. 

any ideas on direct vs. fair trade? 

Authorleyla dam