Alvaro, this churrero at a small shop that my cousin pointed me to called La Olla outside of Madrid was the first to let me make a churro on a commercial machine.

first he showed me how he extruded the dough with the automatic extruder, turning them into “lazos” or bows by pushing the dough together with his fingers

then he showed me how to make a “rueda” or a wheel that you later cut to make straight churros. he hit a foot pedal that extruded the dough, swirled the oil to create a whirlpool, and created the wheel moving it along with two wooden sticks. 

he then took the two wooden sticks and flipped the entire rueda to cook the other side of the wheel. this is the dangerous part of the operation. 

he then served them warm to his customers and his co-worker made an amazing cortado for me to enjoy before i got my turn at the station. 

very exciting day!

(i paid attention i swear)

Authorleyla dam